Specialising in Oriental Carpets since 1943

Welcome to the oldest store in Finland specialising in oriental carpets.

The Artistica carpet store in Helsinki offers complete service. Our extensive selection includes hand-knotted, genuine carpets imported from countries in the Orient which are renowned for their carpets.
Cosy nomad carpets, classic village carpets and high-class wool and silk carpets make up our basic assortment. Furthermore, we have interesting specialties, e.g. a selection of rare antique carpets which have an international placement value. During our travels to the orient's foremost carpet markets, we made some real finds, very special specimens.

Over the years, we have decorated countless customers' homes, public spaces and company representation rooms where the beautiful carpets create a cosy home atmosphere and pleasantness as well as withstanding heavy wear and tear.

Our customer service has a long experience and knowledge about the origins of the carpets. And best of all: we give you carpets which you can try at home before you make the final decision to buy. We have be in operation for 70 years and have served many satisfied generations.

The oriental carpet is a cultural classic which in the best instances represents a thousand-year-old handicraft tradition.